Microsoft Sharepoint - Designing & Building SharePoint applications


Microsoft SharePoint is probably the least understood and most underestimated application of the Microsoft suite of products. Having said that, it’s been around for a long time and up until about two years ago, it did seem to stagnate.

The latest evolution of SharePoint now gives most businesses a very flexible and dynamic application which could be used as a simple internal communications platform or used to build on the SharePoint framework, to develop bespoke applications that can manage internal processes, authorisation protocols or even run manufacturing systems.

Because SharePoint is part of Office 365 it works seamlessly with the other Microsoft applications that most businesses use every day.

We are helping our clients to maximise the benefits of SharePoint, not just for internal users, but also allow customers and contractors to collaborate using dedicated SharePoint sites. Many of our clients are using SharePoint as a place to host Power BI Reports which auto-refresh ensuring all project stakeholders have the latest information when it’s needed most.

We Design & Build Bespoke SharePoint Applications

We recently worked with a client who was using various Excel spreadsheets to co-ordinate engineers to service equipment on client premises. We developed a SharePoint site that now manages the whole process, no more spreadsheets. Because the service work has some legal requirements, the new system captures a full audit trail of all activity by both internal and external personnel.

The best part of the new system is that all parties have full visibility of when services are needed, who will be performing them, and it will provide feedback about any corrective work to the right department within seconds.

Can you think of a process in your business that gets bogged down in spreadsheets and pieces of paper and where communication breakdown on a regular basis, if so, please get in touch for a no commitment discussion, you might be very surprised how we could help and without having to break the bank.

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