ZoomCharts interactive visuals make data exploration accessible to everyone and foster data-driven business decisions.

ZoomCharts description

ZoomCharts custom visuals create an easy and intuitive data exploration process where users interact with data using their innate curiosity and click or touch.

The unique features of ZoomCharts expand data exploration capabilities within Power BI and enable data to be displayed in a more user-friendly way.

That is how ZoomCharts makes data easy to understand to everyone in the organization so that data-driven decision-making becomes a common practice.

ZoomCharts benefits

  • Higher BI adoption and better decisions. Employees are keener to use BI and make more and better data-driven decisions – this in turn helps to maximize the ROI from entire BI stack and improve the efficiency of the employees for 1-10%.
  • Time savings. Super-efficient and engaging data exploration save Power BI users a lot of time. Considering that every employee could save at least 1 hour per month and average cost per employee of 50 EUR per hour, you would save 600 EUR per year for just 35 EUR.
  • More insights. Data can be displayed in unique and more user-friendly ways that tell a story, highlight the important and lead to conclusions.

How it works

Instead of browsing huge tables and static reports users love exploring data:

  • Users can dive deeper into any dimension using their touch to drill down, zoom or pan the visuals;
  • Users can interact with data on any device – either with click or touch;
  • With smooth animations on top, data exploration generates joy of discovery.

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