Power BI – Getting Started (1 day)

Program of the course

session 1/2
Morning Session:
  • Understand the difference between the Power BI (PBI) Desktop application and the PBI Service.
  • Learn how to connect PBI Desktop to various data sources and perform transformations on the data in preparation for analysis.
  • Learn about data types and applying formats to the data. Also, learn about Data Categories and Setting Default Summarisations.
  • Create various reports using: charts, tables, slicers, filters, drill-down and drill-through features to maximise the report canvas and the user experience.
  • Publish reports to a nominated Group in the PBI Service.
  • Create a dashboard based on tiles from published reports and share them with colleagues.
  • Learn how PBI Desktop performs compression on the data when it’s imported. This knowledge will help delegates to build robust and effective data models.
  • Learn about two of the key principles that under-pin how Power BI aggregates data – these are called Row-Context & Filter Context.
session 2/2
Afternoon Session:
  • Learn how to append data from one table to another.
  • Learn how to create relationships between tables and also learn about the concept of Filter Flow.
  • Learn the basics of Data Modelling and the difference between Dimension and Fact tables.
  • Learn how to use some of the common DAX functions.
  • Learn the difference between Calculated Columns and Measures and when to use them for maximum efficiency.
  • Learn how to build reports and aggregate totals by various chronological categories, such as year, month, quarter etc.

To support your ongoing learning…

You will have access to the ‘MSH Support Portal’ for ever.

You will have 30 days to submit any questions relating to the ‘Introduction to Power BI’ training course.

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