Power BI – Intermediate (1 day)

Program of the course

session 1/2
Morning Session:
  • Learn how to build a relational data model from an Excel flat file.
  • Learn how to build reports and aggregate totals on various chronological categories, such as 'year’, 'month’, 'quarter’ etc.
  • Publish a report to the PBI Service and create a Dashboard.
  • Build a report and create some statistical analysis using publicly available data.
  • Learn the top '10 Tips' for designing meaningful reports.
  • Review some of the latest Power BI functionality and how to use them to enhance the users’ experience.
  • Review course content in preparation for the PM session where delegates will build their own reports from scratch and publish them to the Service.
session 2/2
Afternoon Session:
  • Putting into practice what’s been learnt:
  • Delegates will create a series of reports using an Odata feed and publish them to the PBI Service and share them with colleagues. The tutor will be available to support delegates but in essence this is a chance for them to put into practice the things they’ve learnt during the course. There should be at least two pages in the report – Page One should be a summary report and Page Two a detailed report linked to the summary.
  • Delegates will be issued with a list of components (tiles) that must be incorporated into their reports.
  • Delegates will be asked to answer a number of questions that they should be able to glean from their reports.
  • Review course content and what’s been learnt.

To support your ongoing learning…

You will have access to the ‘MSH Support Portal’ for ever.

You will have 30 days to submit any questions relating to the ‘Introduction to Power BI’ training course.

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