Power BI: In the beginning...

Project ‘Gemini’ basically took the power of SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and made it available as an in-memory engine.
In 2009, ‘Gemini’ was renamed ‘Power Pivot’ and released as a free Excel add-in. It was at this time I was introduced to this new technology; I just knew it would be a game-changer, and I was right.

However, it took some time to gain traction because it was free; people underestimated the applications true potential - they didn’t know what an ‘in-memory’ engine was and how it would disrupt the self-service analysis market.

I decided to embrace the new technology and include it as a core component of my training portfolio.

In 2012, Power View was released, it allowed users to extend the reporting capabilities of Power Pivot beyond just pivot tables. This was the start and unfortunately the end for Power View. You could create charts and tables and by using SharePoint share your reports with colleagues and partners – it was not an ideal solution; Microsoft had to come up with something better!

In January 2015, Microsoft announced a new Power BI Service that could be accessed at PowerBI.com. Power BI was a phrase that was being used to describe the complicated Power Pivot / SharePoint solution, but after this announcement the term Power BI became synonymous with PowerBI.com. Shortly after, Microsoft started work on what is now known as Power BI Desktop.

I have been delivering Power BI training ever since; I must admit it has, and still is, a real challenge keeping up with the speed of its evolution. I continue to adapt my course content every month, making sure it is current and on message with Power BI’s latest features, functionality, and market positioning.
In keeping with my commitment to Power BI, I am are pleased to announce the release of 14 online, tutor-lead Power BI Sprint courses. They are only 90 mins long so they can be dipped in and out of depending on time restrictions and experience levels.

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