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About Us

MSH Associates (formally MSH Consultancy) was established in 1996 by Martyn Hale, a senior business executive who had spent most of his employed life in the automotive aftermarket. Martyn learnt his craft working for several high-profile multi-sited distributors, these included GKN Autoparts, Partco Autoparts and later Lucas Industries. Data has always been in Martyn’s DNA, in the early days data tools were limited, mainly restricted to Lotus Notes, Excel and Access.

It was becoming more obvious, even back then, that businesses will be generating significant volumes of data as traditional paper-based systems became digitised.

Over the years Martyn has worked on a variety of data-driven projects; these vary from developing a database to help UK Fisheries manage fishing quotas and was also responsible for the launch and deployment of an Australian CRM application. Until about 2015, Martyn worked alone as a freelance data analyst providing his services on a project-by-project basis.

In 2016 Microsoft launched a new application called ‘Power BI’ a self-service data analysis tool. It was clear that Power BI would fill a space because of Excel’s limitations when working with Big Data.

At the time of its launch, The MSH Consultancy decided to hang its hat on the ‘Power BI’ product – this was a risky strategy because ‘Power BI’ was an unknown product which could crash and burn like so many other software applications have in the past. Thankfully, ‘Power BI’ has now become a leader in its space and has been adopted by thousands of businesses worldwide and continues to be the talk of the data world.

Power BI is a free-standing application, but it’s part of a much bigger data-centric eco-system. There are other technologies that add value to Power BI and in return, Power BI adds value to other applications, such as SharePoint.

Back in 2017/8 it was becoming apparent that the MSH Consultancy would need to change. No longer could the business just revolve around Martyn, it had to expand as clients’ requirements became more sophisticated and complex. These new challenges were met with great enthusiasm and determination and as a result the MSH team was expanded.

Towards the back-end of 2018, Martyn brought new blood into the business with the skills and experience needed if MSH was to continue to meet the technical challenges that lay ahead.

To signal the change in direction, the MSH Consultancy became the MSH Associates in January 2019.

The business now has a much wider range of skills, not just Power BI related, but now SQL, SSAS, API and any of Microsoft’s database technologies.

MSH Associates is now able to provide bespoke development of SharePoint applications – this technology has been around for a long time, but it’s now enjoying a renaissance as its now part of the Office 365 suite of applications.

In short, MSH Associates can provide a fully rounded solution for any data-driven application, whether it’s to design and deploy new data related systems or train employees on how to use new technologies, such as Power BI or SharePoint, we’re here to help.

For further information about the team and how we could help your business become more data-centric, please get in touch.

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